Collection: Alveus Monarch Sinks

Explore the pinnacle of elegance and durability with the Alveus Monarch collection. Expertly crafted kitchen sinks feature a unique surface treatment process that combines cutting-edge technology with timeless design. 

Discover the Alveus Monarch Difference
Advanced Surface Treatment:
The Alveus Monarch sinks undergo a specialised process where a thin vaporised metal substance, known as ceramic nitride, is deposited onto the stainless steel surface. This innovative treatment not only imparts a stunning metal lustre but also enhances scratch resistance, ensuring your sink remains pristine through everyday use.

Unique Colour Shades:
Available in four luxurious shades, each sink in the Alveus Monarch collection boasts a unique hue due to the nature of the surface treatment. Choose the perfect shade to complement your kitchen decor:

GOLD: Radiates warmth and luxury.
COPPER: Adds rich, earthy elegance.
ANTHRACITE: Offers a sleek, modern appeal.
BRONZE: Exudes timeless, classic charm.

Why Choose Alveus Monarch?
Exceptional Durability: The ceramic nitride treatment provides superior resistance to scratches and daily wear.
Elegant Design: Clean lines and sophisticated colour options ensure your kitchen stays stylish and contemporary.
Unique Finishes: Each sink's colour is one-of-a-kind, giving your kitchen a bespoke touch.

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