Collection: InSinkErator Kitchen Taps And Boiler Tanks

Install an InSinkErator hot water tap in your kitchen, for instant steaming filtered hot water at the pull of a lever

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Whilst, 3N1 Taps are popular, 4N1 taps dispense cold filtered drinking water too!  The multi-tasking InSinkErator boiling water tap works with a companion boiler tank that's normally fitted underneath your kitchen sink. These smart storage tanks can heat, and filter water, also providing perfect instant cold drinking water, alongside hot for cooking, tea, coffee-making. InSinkErator water filters must be replaced every 6 months, and can be purchased separately.

Alongside instant hot taps, explore replacement InSinkerator tap options, plus storage units like the sustainable neo boiler tank or compact standard edition tankThe NeoChiller, can also produce instant chilled water. InSinkErator water dispensers provide the perfect counterpart to your other kitchen helper, the InSinkErator waste disposal unit.

Emerson InSinkErator have been a market leader in the technological development, and craftsmanship of instant water dispensing systems for 50+ years. Committed to the highest global product and safety standards, their third-party certifications speak for themselves:

Certifications: UPC , ASSE 1023, UL, ASME  |  Lead Free: NSF 372 & NSF 61
Water Filtration: NSF 42/53