Collection: Franke Pull Out Kitchen Mixer Taps

Buy Franke's taps featuring a pull-out nozzle or spray. These easy to use faucets allow your jet of water to be easily adjusted, giving you all the adaptability you need.  

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Welcome to our collection of Franke pull-out kitchen mixer taps! Designed for both functionality and style, these taps offer innovative features to enhance your kitchen experience.

Pull-out Nozzle and Spray:
Experience ultimate flexibility with our pull-out nozzles and sprays. Easily adjust the jet of water to suit your needs, whether you're rinsing dishes or filling pots. Our taps make kitchen tasks a breeze with their simple usability.

Semi-professional Design:
Bring the efficiency of a restaurant tap into your home kitchen without compromising on style. Our semi-professional taps seamlessly blend functionality with elegance, providing precise control and flexibility with their high-spout design. Washing and rinsing become effortless tasks with Franke taps.

Space-saving Solutions:
For those with smaller kitchens, we offer mixers with folding spouts and retractable designs. These innovative features reduce the overall height at the back of the sink, maximising space while maintaining functionality. Franke taps are tailored to fit your kitchen's unique needs.

Laminar Jet Regulator:
Enjoy crystal-clear water and a quiet stream with our laminar jet regulator. Say goodbye to splashing water and wet countertops – our splash-free technology ensures that the area around your sink stays dry while you wash.

Explore our collection today and discover the perfect Franke pull-out kitchen mixer tap to elevate your culinary space