Introducing the Franke Mythos Water Hub: Revolutionising Your Home Water Experience

Introducing the Franke Mythos Water Hub: Revolutionising Your Home Water Experience

We are thrilled to announce we're stocking the latest addition to Franke's flagship Water Hub range: the Mythos Water Hub electronic multi-functional tap. Unveiled at the prestigious KBB Birmingham event in Spring '24, this groundbreaking product redefines convenience and customisation, providing ‘water your way’ with a host of innovative features.


Elevate Your Kitchen with the Mythos Water Hub

Standing at an impressive 440mm, the Mythos Water Hub combines sleek design with unparalleled functionality. Its elegant construction from sustainable solid stainless steel ensures durability and style. The intuitive rotatable knob and single lever allow for effortless control of all water functions.

Versatile and Customisable

The Mythos Water Hub is available in two models:

  • 5-in-1 Model: Dispenses filtered ambient, chilled, and sparkling water, alongside standard hot and cold water.
  • 6-in-1 Model: Adds the convenience of filtered instant boiling water to the mix.

With these options, the Mythos Water Hub caters to every need, making it the ultimate kitchen companion.

Advanced Technology for Superior Performance

The stylish dark grey metal one-box solution houses the hot water boiler, premium ProM filter cartridge, and CO2 cartridge. Changing these components is a breeze, thanks to the easily detachable front plate.

Featuring an electronic LED interface, the Mythos Water Hub offers full personalisation through the Franke @Home app. Adjust water quantities, select sparkling levels, set instant boiling temperatures, and monitor cartridge status—all from your smartphone.

Premium Filtration and Maintenance

Equipped with Franke’s premium Pro M Connect Filter, the Mythos Water Hub prevents limescale, removes contaminants, and stabilises essential minerals. Integrated RFID technology ensures you receive timely notifications for filter changes, maintaining consistent water quality.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Designed for hassle-free installation, the Mythos Water Hub boasts a ‘plug and play’ setup that takes just 30 minutes for an experienced fitter. Backed by a two-year warranty, customers can also opt for an annual maintenance service from Franke’s expert Field Sales Team.

Award-Winning Innovation

The Mythos Water Hub has been honoured with three Kitchen Innovation Awards, including Best Innovation of 2024 and Best of the Best in the kitchen taps category. These accolades highlight its superior technology, functionality, and user-friendly design.

A Word from Franke

Jo Sargent, sales and marketing director at Franke, shares: “We had a tremendous reaction to Water Hub at KBB. Significant development work has gone into the Water Hub range, combining innovative technology, superior functionality, and ease of use. This is an exciting new chapter in the instant boiling water market.”

Pre-Order Now!

Don't miss out on revolutionising your kitchen with the Franke Mythos Water Hub. Pre-order now to ensure delivery from June 2024. Visit The Tap Specialist today to secure your order and experience the future of kitchen water solutions.

Pre-Order Now

Transform your kitchen with the Franke Mythos Water Hub—where innovation meets convenience.

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