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Franke All-In Kitchen Sink Accessory System a revolutionary modular accessory system designed to transform your kitchen sink into an efficient and versatile workstation

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Whether you're preparing breakfast for the family or hosting a cozy dinner party, the All-In system ensures that all your food preparation needs are met seamlessly and efficiently.

Key Features

1. Practical and Simple:

  • Designed for seamless integration, all accessories work together and with your sink.
  • Ensures that every functionality is within easy reach, enhancing your cooking experience.

2. Modular Accessories:

  • Mix and match to customise your workspace based on your needs.
  • Greater flexibility and control, adapting to various cooking and cleaning tasks.

3. Sink Compatibility:

  • Suitable for any kitchen sink up to 540 mm in size.
  • Perfectly matches both granite and stainless steel Franke sinks.

4. Compact Storage:

  • Keep your kitchen clutter-free with the soft-touch storage container.
  • Store all your accessories neatly in one place, making them easy to find and use.

Eight Accessories, Limitless Possibilities

With eight different accessories included, the Franke All-In system offers nearly limitless versatility:

  • Prepare: Streamline your meal prep with tools designed to make chopping, slicing, and dicing more efficient.
  • Cook: Use the integrated features to transition smoothly from prep to cooking.
  • Clean: Make cleanup a breeze with accessories that simplify rinsing and washing.
  • Tidy: Keep your workspace organised and clutter-free, ensuring everything you need is always at hand.


Ergonomic and Stylish Design:

  • The All-In system's ergonomic design ensures comfortable use.
  • Stylish enough to complement any kitchen finish and style, it blends form and function seamlessly.

Efficiency in the Kitchen:

  • Save time and space by having a dedicated system for all your food preparation needs.
  • Enjoy full control over your workspace, whether creating simple meals or elaborate feasts.


The Franke All-In system is the ultimate kitchen sink organiser. Its innovative design and versatile functionality make it an essential addition to any modern kitchen. Enhance your cooking experience, maintain a tidy workspace, and enjoy the convenience of having everything you need within easy reach.

Transform your kitchen sink into your ideal workstation with the Franke All-In system. Save time, space, and effort with this flexible food preparation solution, designed to meet the needs of every home chef.