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Your 10 Most Asked Questions About Boiling Water Taps - Answered!

Here's our handy Instant Hot Tap Q and A below which answers your most commonly asked questions surrounding our best-selling instant kettle taps...

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Which Boiling Water Tap Is For Me?

Our most common question! There's some great advice from the team here on our Buyer's Guide which helps refine your choices by categories such as Budget, Decor and Functionality - a great place to start and discover your perfect boiling water tap!

Will Boiling Water Tap Water Taste Better?

Yes! The reason for this is because all our Boiling Water Taps have carbon filters which reduce unpleasant tastes and odours by removing impurities in the water. This includes rough particles (dirt, sand), heavy metals (lead and copper form old pipes), chlorine etc- so that you are left with a delicious, fresh-tasting drinking water. The secondary benefit is that these filters reduce lime scale preventing surface scum on your drinks, and also prolonging the life of your tap's boiler tank.

Does A Boiling Water Tap Purify?

Survival and health experts have long endorsed boiling water as one of the safest ways to kill bacteria and parasites - the chief contaminates which cause  harm to human health, an important consideration specifically in areas of unclean water. The definition of 'purification' is very specific however, and can only be attributed to water that has been chemically or mechanically purified. These processes can only be achieved through a water purifier, reverse osmosis, water chlorination or distillation rather than boiling water taps.

How Do Boiling Water Taps Work?

These super heated water taps are powered by an electrically powered boiler tank which heats and stores the water. This tank is generally housed under the kitchen sink and connected to a standard power source, alongside your domestic water supply. When the boiling tap is activated (usually by button, all with child-safety mechanisms) the tank releases steaming hot water instantly through the faucet.

Are Boiling Water Taps Expensive To Run?

There is of course the initial expense of the tap kit, however, the long term cost savings are clear when you compare the average daily expense of using a kettle - costing the normal uk household* 12.5p a day, verses approx. 3p per day for an instant hot water tap, and bearing in mind the rising costs of energy bills from 2022, this will mean Boiling Water Taps are likely to save homes even more money.*Source:This Is Money.

Why Are Boiling Water Taps Good For Households With Babies?

Save precious time at key moments like the late night feed, last-minute meal preparation, not to mention sterilisation of bottles and dummies with our Instant Boiling Water Taps. Don't forget that emergency cup of coffee or tea you need as fuel to power the school run - no need to wait around for the kettle to boil-it's ready for you the moment you need it! These handy appliances are a real gift for parents who are known to have a fast-paced, yet time-poor lifestyle. Plus there's no need to worry about little hands getting into trouble - all our Boiling Water Taps come with Child Safety mechanism as standard, and the added benefit is that there's no cable to trip over nor kettle/ pan of boiling water that can be accidentally knocked over.

Kettles V's Boiling Water Taps - Which Is Most Energy Efficient and Sustainable?

As well as cost - efficiency there's also a big environmental benefit to replacing your kettle with a Boiling Water Tap, and don't just take our word for it - the recent article by Sustainability pros Tiny Eco Home Life quotes that the average kettle uses 2-3 Kilowatts (ie 2000-3000 watts) each time it's switched on, verses only 10 watts for a Boiling Water Tap to maintain its hot water reservoir. The main reason for this is the super insulated tanks of the Boiling Water Tap which are extremely energy efficient. The added bonus is that Instant Hot Water Taps only use the exact amount of water and energy for your needs, rather than kettles which tend to be overfilled for use. All in all these instant hot water taps save both the environment and your pocket.

How Long Are Boiling Water Tap Warranties?

Each of our brand manufacturers offer their own bespoke warranty conditions, and where available we've listed these on each individual product description - if you have any further questions regarding guarantees please feel free to contact our customer service team who will be happy to assist you. The team are available on live chat (fastest response - please see the speech bubble icon on the right hand corner of site), alternatively please email: info@thetapspecialist or call us on: 020 8016 8898.

How Do You Install A Boiling Water Tap?

Whilst most of our Boiling Water Taps offer hassle - free easy installation, we recommend booking a professional plumbing specialist depending on your level of expertise. This is often a much lower fee than you'd imagine, and CheckATrade specialists have the latest quote estimates here to prove this, with extra advice on hiring your fitting expert.

Can A Boiling Tap Also Dispense Sparkling Filtered Water?

Yes - there are particular ranges - notably the 4 in 1 Boiling Water Taps, that can offer this extra functionality, which allow you to ditch bottled water, improving your sustainability quota, and giving you the option of Still, and in some ranges, Sparkling Water too, alongside Boiling or domestic water for washing up.

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