Unveiling the Energy Efficiency of Zip Taps: What You Need to Know

Unveiling the Energy Efficiency of Zip Taps: What You Need to Know

Are Zip Taps Energy Efficient? we're often asked this question, so here's the answer!

Zip Hydrotaps are designed with energy efficiency at their core, incorporating several features that help conserve energy. Here are just some of the ways that the famous HydroTap G5 uses innovative technology to ensure its models are as energy efficient as possible:

Insulation: Zip Hydrotaps feature advanced insulation in their heating and cooling tanks, reducing heat loss and minimising energy consumption. This insulation helps maintain the desired temperature of the water, allowing for efficient operation.

Intelligent Sleep Mode: Zip Hydrotap models include a clever power-saving mode called Power PulseTM. When the tap is not in use for a certain period, it automatically enters a low-power state to conserve energy. This feature reduces standby power consumption, keeping your costs down and sustainable credentials up!

Air Cooling Tech: The under counter demand centre eliminates the need for water and waste, offering a sustainable water cooling process for the environmentally conscious.

LED Indicators: Zip Hydrotaps often use LED indicators to display the system status and temperature settings. LED lights consume less energy compared to traditional incandescent bulbs, contributing to overall energy efficiency.

Discover & Shop the Zip Water collection today and experience 'water at its best'. With smart HydroTap G5 technology at its core, enjoy instant pure-tasting boiling, chilled and sparkling water in your home or office.

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