How To Choose The Perfect Kitchen Tap

How To Choose The Perfect Kitchen Tap

‘You’ll always find me in the kitchen at parties’, jokes Anna Jarvis, Sales Manager at The Tap Specialist, ‘...or in fact, in the kitchen, at every breakfast, dinner time, tea time, girls-night in, early morning feed, late night snack, coffee-morning with friends…the list goes on!’, she says, which is why kitchen design and it’s central feature - the kitchen taps - are such a passion for her and the team!

The kitchen tap is without a doubt, one of the most used, and essential appliances of the household. Once chosen and fitted, these taps will be a fixture for years to come- often dictating the entire look and feel of the home, their design defining the style, functionality and layout of the most important room in the house When advising clients on the perfect kitchen tap Anna and the team always recommend breaking down the basic needs of each customer to these core categories which can help inform their decision making.


Normally the first step of anyone’s kitchen design plan is how much they want to spend. With kitchen taps ranging from £50 to £2,000+ there is a range in the market to suit everyone’s price point. The key is to balance value against long term cost, and also bear in mind warranty periods - the best manufacturers are so confident in the quality of their products, that they are more than happy to offer this, should a customer to return an item

Style And Decor

Modern urban kitchens can demand a clean, minimal style tap to match, whereas this can look out of place in a more traditional kitchen; for example, a country cottage may better suit an antique style finish like brushed brass with perhaps an old fashioned style swan-neck spout.


Beyond just filling a glass, we use taps for a variety of kitchen tasks. It’s important to consider all your family’s needs - perhaps the chef of the household might enjoy a handy pull-out spray - just like the professional kitchen restaurants! Not only useful for cleaning, these are super versatile when washing up pots, pans, and helps speed through the dinner party clean-up, saving you time and effort - as who wants to waste their valuable time on the cleaning? There’s also amazing cool-to-touch options for increased safety around the kids, and the option of automatic switch off.


This can be perfectly matched to suit your favourite kitchen design. Whilst shiny chrome has been the most popular go-to colour finish for years, alternatives such as steel can offer other benefits such as easy-to-clean surfaces, in addition modern day matt finishes can give an eye catching look for those who want to be more experimental and less conventional with their style.

Boiling Water Taps The hottest new products on the market are instant hot or boiling water taps. You can ditch the kettle, save money and time, and free up space in your kitchen, installation can be relatively simple but if in doubt always employ a professional plumber, depending upon area this will likely cost in the region of £200.

Filter Water Taps

Fans of bottled water rejoice! These new innovations mean more convenience and increased sustainability for the household - no need for plastic water bottles-just turn the tap on for instant filtered and even sparkling water to drink instantly or take away in your refill cup or flask.

Need more inspiration? Why not check out our homepage for more ideas!

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