Brand Spotlight:  HotSpot Titanium

Brand Spotlight: HotSpot Titanium

Brand Spotlight: HotSpot Titanium


Sustainability At Its Core

Now more than ever, renovations in the home or workplace have sustainability and convenience at their core and this is where HotSpot Titanium stands out as a leading instant hot tap.

If you choose HotSpot Titanium you can be assured of these qualities from the start, with ethical sourcing of raw materials, particularly Titanium, and a long-lasting heater tank that comes with a 20-year warranty. It's also more economical as you’re using less power to boil your water, and ensures less water waste, since you'll only dispense the exact amount of water you need, every time. Filters can also be up-cycled with 100% reuse of spent filter plastic, meaning there is nothing to landfill. Alongside all of this, you'll enjoy eye-catching features and superb engineering.

The sleek range from HotSpot Titanium offers 3-in-1 boiling water taps which effortlessly switch between filtered cold, hot and filtered 100 degree boiling water with safety features as standard. You can also create a 4-in-1 by utilising HotSpot's Cold Water Filter Set on the domestic cold water feed.

Available in a wide range of colours including Copper,  Gun Metal, Gold, Matt black or classic Chrome and Steel - you're guaranteed to find the perfect finish for your kitchen design. There's also the option to match or contrast with a corresponding HotSpot Titanium sink.

The HotSpot Titanium stands apart from its competitors with its innovative Titanium Boiler tank and high-class engineering. 

The Flex XL model also includes the extra functionality of a flexible hose tap for easy cleaning, whilst its titanium material is both antibacterial and anti-corrosive. In addition, the tap is remarkably strong, with a highly efficient filter, which removes 80% of all lime scale (making it more reliable than your kettle) and with its compact design it fits neatly into standard sink units, making it the smart choice for any home or workspace.

Loved By Many

...and don’t just take our word for it, this glowing recommendation comes from Top 5 UK interiors blogger and NHS doctor, Dr Geraldine Tan aka @littlebigbell 

     “I’ve always wanted a boiling water tap and I’m so pleased to finally own one from Hotspot Titanium. Beautiful design don’t you think?" she says of her HotSpot Titanium Flex XL Gold tap. "It’s a 3 in 1 with the normal hot/cold tap and also a separate boiling water tap. The boiling water is filtered, heated up by a Titanium tank and has a safety spring back mechanism and smooth flow, so no hot splatters. The normal water tap has a removable hose which I love as it makes cleaning the basin so much easier.”

Star of The Only Way Is Essex, Amy Childs is also a huge fan of the range,

   “No boiling the kettle anymore, straight from the Tap [... don't] you just Love it?”

And it doesn’t stop there, Interiors and Lifestyle influencer Claire aka @ck_homestyle adds,

   “Haven’t used the kettle once since we got this beauty installed, instant boiling water and in the most beautiful brass colour, it’s been an absolute game changer. If you’ve been thinking about getting one, I honestly could not recommend it more.”

Shop HotSpot Titanium now.

Register Your HotSpot Titanium Warranty After Purchase

Warranty guidelines: 2-year standard warranty 5-year warranty on registered products 20-year leakage warranty on the titanium tank for registered products.

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