Choose the Right Boiling Water Tap for Your Office Space

Choose the Right Boiling Water Tap for Your Office Space

In a modern office setting, providing efficient and convenient facilities for employees is essential. Among the many considerations, access to instant hot water and or filtered cold water is crucial for productivity and employee satisfaction.

With the growing popularity of instant boiling or filter water taps, selecting the right one for your office space is an important decision. Below, The Tap Specialist will walk you through our offering of premium office taps and discuss essential factors to consider when making your choice.

Why Opt for A Commercial Boiling Water Tap?

1. Instant Hot Drinks Without The Wait:

Commercial Instant taps offer a solution to the time-wasting kettle boil. With just a touch of a button, these boiling water taps provide hot water instantly, eliminating downtime and enhancing office production and workplace efficiency.

2. Versatile Functionality:

Before delving into the options available, consider whether you want a tap that provides only boiling water or a combined tap offering boiling, chilled, or even sparkling filtered water. The latter not only saves space but also adds a modern and functional touch to your office kitchen, not to mention leads to a happy and hydrated workforce!

3. Capacity Considerations:

The number of staff your tap will cater for is a crucial factor. Utilise the Capacity filter which allows you to select the max number of users (on the left hand sidebar), to determine the right model with sufficient hot water /filter water capacity for your office size.

Summary of Best Of Filter Tap and Boiling Taps for Offices or Commercial Workplace Canteen:

Now, let's explore some of our Best Selling Office taps in more detail

Zip HydroTap G5 Touch Free Wave Boiling Chilled Tap for Work

Zip HydroTap G5 Touch Free Wave Boiling Chilled 100/75 for Work

The Zip HydroTap G5 Touch Free Wave Tap  stands out as the ultimate smart instant hot water & chilled tap for offices. Here are some key features:

Hygienic Operation: 100% touch-free operation with infrared sensors for instant boiling or chilled water.

Safety and Sustainability: Zip's advanced technology prevents accidental usage and promotes sustainability by conserving water, energy, and time.

Capacity: Ideal for commercial use, the Zip HydroTap G5 Touch Free Wave Tap Boiling & Chilled, comes in different capacity models, catering for 1-20 people, 21-40 People, 41-60 People, up to an impressive 100 people capacity-offering boiling cups per hour and 75 chilled cups per hour. We can also provide options foe The touch Free Wave that include Sparkling-just contact our team for details!

Installation Options: Flexible design for installation over sink or worktop (with optional integrated raised tap font).

Additional Accessories: Zip recommends a Limescale Prevention Installation Filter Kit for hard water areas and a Zip Water Install Rail and Water Stop for enhanced workplace safety, this is an anti-flood device.

Specifications for each Touch Free Wave tap model can be viewed on the product pages.

Hotspot Titanium Vito 3-in-1 Filtered Boiling Water Tap

Hotspot Titanium Vito 3-in-1 Filtered Boiling Water Tap

The Hotspot Titanium Vito 3-in-1 Filtered Boiling Water Tap offers a sleek and practical solution for offices:

Easy Installation: Fits the standard 35mm tap hole and is suitable for offices with up to 20 people (4 Litre boiler tank option) or up to 40 people (with the 8 Litre tank option).

Dimensions: The tap kit measurements are: 210 x 525 x 285mm.

Touch-Free Convenience: The Vito features an advanced infrared sensor, allowing hands-free operation with a simple hand gesture for on/off control. Modernise your kitchen and enhance hygiene effortlessly.

Safety Assurance: Hotspot Titanium ensures safety by implementing a two-step verification system for dispensing boiling water. Activate the touch-free system with a wave, its careful engineering, the sensors are situated on the side of the tap, also preventing accidental use, providing peace of mind.

Smooth Flow Tech: The Vito tap employs anti-splutter technology for a mess-free, smooth delivery of filtered boiling water.

Customisable Safety: The B-SAFE+ system allows you to personalise settings like child safety, boiling water volume, and hands-free functions. Use the LED Touch Control Panel for easy configuration.

Titanium Heater Reliability: The Vito's tank includes a corrosion-resistant Titanium heater, ensuring durability and preventing limescale build-up.

Premium Design: Crafted from sleek stainless steel, the Vito tap combines style with quality materials for a modern and functional addition to your kitchen.


Billi Alpine 120 Chilled Filtered Water Tap 932120R

Billi Alpine 120 Chilled Filtered Water Tap 932120R

The Billi Alpine 120 Chilled Filtered Water Tap is designed to meet the needs of smaller offices (up to 20 people):

High Capacity: Capable of delivering up to 120 cups of chilled filtered water per hour.

Energy Efficiency: Billi's high-performance tank minimises energy consumption during the chilling process.

Compact Design: The under-counter unit has a small footprint of 340mm x 180mm x 460mm, maximising available space.

Adjustable Chilled Temperature: Users can select their preferred chilled temperature between 6°C - 15°C.

Style Options: Select from a choice of a round or square slimline tap dispenser. 

Now, let's explore key considerations when choosing the right boiling or filter water tap for your office:

Factors to Consider:

Office Size and Usage: Consider the number of people the tap will cater to, as well as the frequency of use. Check out our options for small offices of 10 person capacity, or choose from: 20 people capacity, 40 people capacity or 100 capacity.

Functionality: Determine if you need an office tap that dispenses boiling water only or one that provides additional features like chilled, and or sparkling water.

Installation Options: Assess the available space and choose a tap that fits seamlessly into your office layout.

Maintenance: Look for taps with easy maintenance plans and consider ongoing service options.

Energy Efficiency: Opt for taps with advanced technology that promotes energy conservation, like the Billi range of taps which recycle energy.

Aesthetics: Choose a tap that complements the overall design and style of your office space.

Additional Accessories: Explore any recommended accessories for enhanced performance and safety, like fonts and limescale filters, and anti-flood devices.

In conclusion, choosing the best office taps involves considering capacity, functions and budget. By investing in a quality tap, you not only save time but also enhance the overall workplace experience for your employees. Explore the range of options available at The Tap Specialist and consult with our experts to find the perfect fit for your office space.

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