Brand Spotlight: Zip Water HydroTaps

Brand Spotlight: Zip Water HydroTaps

When considering a new kitchen appliance for the home or workplace, it goes without saying that quality, convenience and sustainability are going to be top of your list. In the world of taps, the brand that best meets those needs is certainly Zip Water.  The global market leader in Boiling Water Taps, Zip is famous for offering the ultimate #tapthatdoesitall, the 'HydroTap', often referred to as THE Quooker alternative.

Catering to your every water need, HydroTaps offer a convenient and time-saving water dispenser for the family home or commercial office space.

Available to buy in a variety of classic and contemporary designs, Zip Water HydroTaps also offer a range of stylish colour finishes: Bright Chrome, Brushed Matt Black, Brushed Gold, Brushed Rose Gold, Brushed Chrome, Gunmetal and Brushed Nickel. Choose your favourite combination of Boiling, Chilled, and or Sparkling Water, with optional domestic hot and cold, as a single kitchen tap solution.

Select from ultra-modern styles such as the Industrial-looking HydroTap Classic Plus, or HydroTap Classic Plus All-In-One* (*up to 5-in-1 water options, including domestic Hot and Cold), to the more traditional styles like the HydroTap Arc or HydroTap Arc All-In-One*. Plus select from over Sink or on Font installation.

Smart, Innovative Technology

If you’re looking for award-winning design, cutting edge technology, pure Filtered and Sparkling Water on Tap, all at the touch of a button, then look no further than Zip Water UK’s HydroTap range. Offering the world’s most advanced drinking water system, the HydroTap can dispense a choice of instant filtered boiling, chilled, ambient still, sparkling water plus domestic hot and cold. With it’s unique safety systems, boiling water isolation, cool-touch tap and safety lock features,  there’s no risk of scalding or accidents. 

In addition to its iconic design, you can be assured of long-lasting durability, since Zip Water UK offer a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty*. With its patented Power-Pulse™ technology, the Zip Water HydroTap also reduces energy consumption by automatically regulating power supply during periods of high and low usage. The brand’s world class environmental credentials** and smart water heating system utilises these energy-saving modes, which employ air-cool technology during usage, whilst powering down when on standby . 

Intelligent innovation features such as touchscreen and auto-regulatory diagnostics in the command centre alert users to filter replacement requirements or maintenance needs, so you can be assured of optimal performance every time.

Advanced Filtration

For enhanced hygiene in the home or office environment, why not try the HydroTap Classic Plus or HydroTap Classic Plus All-in-One, which both feature smart SteriTouch technology.  Furthermore, Zip’s industry-leading MicroPurity filtration system operates at 0.2 microns, meaning it’s globally recognised with NSF certification. This translates to having 25 times the filtration power of a standard water filter jug, removing harmful bacteria, bad taste, odours, chlorine, heavy metals and impurities as tiny as one five thousandth of a millimetre, whilst leaving beneficial minerals such as fluoride.


With a Zip HydroTap, water is always set to dispense at a consistent temperature of 98ºC, not only is this optimal for the perfect brew – bringing out flavour without burning – but it also creates a safer flow of water. Engineered with safety in mind, these presets prevent Zip taps spluttering or steam scalding.

The Sustainable Choice

Now more than ever, sustainability matters. The Zip Water HydroTap eliminates the need for bottled water allowing you to refill your reusable water bottles with pure filtered water. HydroTap supports a healthy lifestyle enabling you to meet your daily hydration goals with the option of instant sparkling or still filtered water on tap.  You can also ditch energy-guzzling kettles thanks to the faucet’s super efficient** Hydro Boiler.  Most notably, the HydroTap contributes towards your business or home sustainability goals by promoting refill culture, helping you reduce the need for single-use plastic water bottles. 

Unrivalled Service & 5 Year Warranty*

For fuss-free installation, customers have the option to purchase home or office fitting from The Tap Specialist with an expert Zip engineer for only £284 and this includes both over sink or on font HydroTap solutions. And for your peace of mind, the Zip HydroTap system is covered by a comprehensive 2-year full parts and labour warranty, plus 5-year boiling tank cover.

Furthermore, customer support doesn’t stop after purchase, as there’s the opportunity to be supported by a range of HydroCare service plans that ensure  optimal maintenance of the tap, and extend the product's lifespan. 

Why Kitchen Professionals, Influencers and Domestic Customers Alike Love The Zip Water HydroTap

Zip Water HydroTaps consistently appear in the top kitchen trends every year and that’s no surprise when you hear feedback from kitchen design experts and customers about why they love the HydroTap range...

YouTuber Jim Chapman Influential Vlogger, model and writer, Jim Chapman is famous for his impeccable sense of style.  Here's what happened when he upgraded his old kitchen tap to the HydroTap...

“The water previously was lukewarm and we used to have to run it for a long time to get it cold. The HydroTap has made a huge difference in that respect. I use it mostly for the chilled filtered water and I reckon I’ve drunk more water since it was installed. I was never much of a tea drinker, but am finding myself make it much more now - it’s just so easy and everything just tastes so much cleaner. "

2LGStudio Interior Design Duo Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead of Channel 4 Changing Rooms, and authors of #MakingLivingLovely were looking for a stylish product to de-clutter their surfaces and provide for all their drinking water needs.

“I’d never really considered that a boiling tap could have such an impact on daily life, but after using one for a weekend I was hooked! My filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling HydroTap is used all the time. The chilled water encourages me to drink more water and the instant boiling water makes cooking processes so quick. Of course, I had to have a gold one to go with my colour scheme, and I also went with a matching mixer tap to complete the look."

Sommer Pyne, Interior Stylist, House Curious With a young family and a business to run from home, Sommer values products that are time-saving. Having previously had a boiling water tap in her kitchen, she knows how convenient they are when making drinks and preparing food, but having access to filtered chilled water had become increasingly important.'

'The five water types has been a revelation for the whole household! We all enjoy the filtered chilled water, and I no longer have ‘plastic guilt’. The filtered sparkling water is so useful when entertaining and for making healthier ‘fizzy’ drinks for the children. I love the fact that I just have one tap to do everything - filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water as well as hot and cold for washing up - as it means I can retain my uncluttered style."

Explore Our Full Range of Zip Water HydroTaps Here Today!

Zip Water Manufacturers Warranty (UK only)

*Please read full terms and conditions and register your HydroTap here 

    HydroTap Installation

    Questions or Concerns About Installation? Why not let us arrange a home or office installation for you with a Zip Water specialist engineer - available to book with your purchase! or alternatively speak to our team here

    Certificates And Accreditations

    Full details can be found here

    • WRAS
    • CE
    • NSF
    • ANSI Standards 42 and 53 (achieving the WELL Standard)
    • NSF REG34
    • Equality Act compliant
    • RoHS compliant
    • BREEAM compliant
    • Environmental Product Declaration
    • UKCA
    • WELL

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