Here are the best water filter taps in the uk.  Removing all impurities like lead, copper and aluminium from your tap water, and at the same time, they leave the essential, beneficial minerals, so you enjoy the purest drinking water straight from your kitchen tap.

Water Filter Taps for Kitchen

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Zip HydroTap Classic Plus G5
From £1,403.33 Was: £1,420.00
InSinkErator Moderno Side Tap Only
From £260.00 Was: £484.00

On top of providing great tasting water, but they remove the hassle and cost of buying expensive bottled water or purchasing a filter water jug which wastes valuable space your fridge.

We stock water filter taps for the home, and office filter water taps, from leading brands including Zip Water, Billi, Grohe -the biggest and best companies in kitchen and filtered tap design - plus enjoy a wide range of modern and classic designs in contemporary or special finishes. With great prices below £RRP, you can enjoy tasting fresh, clean, filtered water at the turn of a handle for less than you imagine.