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Instant boiling water, plus regular hot and cold all from one tap.

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Plus enjoy extra Sparkling and or Filtered Cold options with a 4-in-1 Boiling Water Tap or 5 in 1 Tap

Very popular as 3-in-1 Boiling Water taps, these space-saving faucets dispense hot water instantly!

Declutter the kitchen, ditch the kettle, and speed through everyday kitchen tasks: prep boiling water pans for pasta, hot drinks, blanch veg, sterilise baby bottles or power through the kitchen cleaning. 

We stock the Best Boiling Water Tap brands in the UK including Abode, Franke, InSinkerator, Ellsi, Perrin & Rowe, and the world's number 1 favourite: Zip Water Hydrotaps.

Need help? Contact our team, or explore our Boiling Water Tap Buyer's Guide, FAQ page, or 10 most Asked Questions About Instant Hot Water Taps blog post for inspiration!

Child Safety guaranteed across all products with anti-scald, and safety mechanics as standard.

NB Whilst some of our Brands offer 100°C True Boiling' Taps, others heat to a few degrees below, known as 'Steaming Hot Water Taps'